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The Model Railroad
New Project 2004 -Received suggestions
Here is a saummary of the suggestions received.
I apologize for not presenting everything in spanish, even though some of the main contributors are spanish-speaking.
April 2003
At this early moment most suggestions received are of a generel advisory character.
Sensible things like; Dont forget to think about de-humidification, use slim switches and flex-rails. Also some support for still sticking to analog and not going digital, and others asking how on earth I can think of NOT digitalize a big layout like this...
(Thanks to all the guys from the spanish LCTM group, -but especially to Ramon (ortizriancho) for his exact and useful suggestions, -to Raimond (plot_it_yourself) the only person in the world supporting the NON-digitalisation of the layout, -to Peli for his alternative suggestions of how to digitilize cost-effectively)
My comments: A de-humidifier will definatly be acquired.
Slim K-switches and flex-rails will be used in all visible parts of the layout. I plan to use Merkur Gleisbettung. I am currently heavily inspired by the MiWuLa layouts.
I will definatly not be going digital, but its more an economical question rather than any sort of weird railroad religion or anything ;-) I am currently looking into other ways of automating the layout.
July 2003
I solicited the advice of Martin Brandt and Jorge Sabater from the MML and MB&G. Sabater claims to be a model railroad professional, but alas had no advice to give me, saying that the design was already "complete".
Marting Brandt from Stuttgart on the other hand gave me a thorough rundown of how a layout like mine could/should work, with a comprehensive list of advices (relations to real-world scenarios) to suggestions for specific changes to the station and general layout. Thanks man!
My comments: The container terminal will probably go, as these things are HUGE in real life. Instead a medium sized store-house will be installed, and the two track kept. In general the whole switching yard of the station will be rethought, as a station of this type doesnt really devour whole freight trains.
As to many of the other suggestions from Martin I will probably NOT follow them, seeing as I seek operational simplicity, and not complicity like Martin. (I want as many things as possible to work full-automatic)
At least we both agree on keeping the return-loop integrated in the station-layout. (See the schematic plans on another page!)
From a real-world point of view it looks clear that the shadow-station A will be congestionated with traffic. For that reason I am currently designing a secondary shadow station used exclusively for the shorter push-pull trains.
Later I will publish new trackplans with these changes included!
Thanks for stopping by! ;-)