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The Model Railroad

Description of my model railroad currently under construction (Isn't a model railroad ALWAYS under construction?)

I began planning this layout in 1998, when I knew for sure that I wanted to move to Spain.
Actual work on the model began in 1999.

The layout is similar in style to my previous layout; In Denmark I had been working on a smaller layout for about 5 years, but it never got beyond the state of finished framweork with a working main-line. I've included a sub-page here describing the constuction of the old layout.

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NEW page added!

In fall 2005 we finally moved into our new house!
The new layout  is already totally planned, and you can see the drawings here.
I will be documenting the construction of this 30m² layout on the web also, stay tuned for the URL later.
New Layout Photos
Lots of photos from the early construction stages:
New basement. October 2003.
New basement early 2006.
Above, a couple of photos of the all-important basement of our new house. It is 6 meters wide and 12 meters long. Apart from the car, the stairway, a store-room and some kind of workshop, the rest will be for the train! (almost 30m2)
Do you need inspiration for your layout?
Do you want to see more and more and MORE plans?
The take a look at this link:

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Henrik Høxbroe

The layout meassures approximatly 5 * 3 meters. -Less a triangle for the workbench and contols.

There are about 100 meters of rails, with 53 switches/double slips (You can call that a "double-cross? ;-), distributed in 3 levels.
The main line is divided up in 8 consecutive blocks (automatically controlled). The smaller mountain-line has automatic controls for up to 2 trains. The shadow-station holds 4 extra trains.

The layout acommodates the 26 locomotives/trains, but not all of the more than 200 waggons fits here.
The above screen-shot is from one of the video-clips that can be downloaded from varios sections of this homepage.
Downloadable videos are in RealPlayer format!

A longer (10 mins) video has been posted on www.youtube.com:

Landscape section has some photos of mountain-building and the decoration of the small town at the left of the layout.

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