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The Model Railroad
Some older track plans
Here is a collection of some older and/or simpler layouts that I have seen or designed over the years. With "simple" I mean layouts which do not need open framework as the base of the construction, but rather can be build fairly easy on a set of plates or tables.
The layouts shown here are all based on Märklin parts.
250x125 cm. M-track.
This design is from 1980, and is actually taken from an ARNOLD catalogue. For many years this was my preferred layout, build directly on the carpet in my room. The various return-loops (NOT from the Arnold catalogue, of course ;-) gives great playability. I should have a couple of old photos of this, which I will publish if I find them. (Note: The photos was found, but only one of them were good enough to be published)


350x200 cm. M-track. Only 52XX type curves!
This is how I remember the layout of my math/music-teacher from primary school (Niels Braunstein), way back then. He has actually had a lot of influence on my relation to this hobby, because he was the only person I knew who was really interested in trains too. He ran only DSB and a lot of self-built material on his layout. Truly an artist!


500'250 cm. M-track.
In 1985 this was what I was capable of building with the material that I had. Strongly inspired by the two earlier layouts shown, this continues the same trend. I was still building directly on the carpeted floor, but the layouts were becoming more and more troublesome to construct and take down all the time. At least I got the chance to experiment with all types of design ideas.


Ø 120 cm K-track.
1986. This is one of the more curious layouts I have ever designed. This was actually built (!) -but I dont have any photos to show from it. I never finished the decoration part of it.
It consists of three separate modules, all complete with backdrops so that you only see one module at the time. Inspired from a Z-layout in Model RailRoader.
The station-module is in two levels, with a hidden siding for a push-oull passenger train.
The complete layout had 3 trains running automatically, and two 6600 controllers; The passenger train already mentioned running between the station and the shadowstation (reversing directions). A shunter going between the loc shed on the station module, to the industri-siding on another module, and finally a longer freight-train running in circles whenever the track was free. (Controlled by signals and track-contacts).
All in all it worked quite well, and I certainly recomend this kind of solution if you are short of space, or have some uncontrolled need to construct layouts/dioramas.



320x350 cm. M-track with some K-track.
1987. During my last years in Hornbæk I could have (and should have) built this layout in the basement. For some reason I didnt. I suppose my activity-level in this hobby was rather low at that moment. Time to design I DID have, as one can see from the original handdrawn picture...
For the inspiration that I had (from Märklin Magasin, Märklin catalogues and Bernd Schmid's books) I dont think one could get much further. It was only later that I began to read MIBA, Eisenbahn Magazin, Model RailRoader, books of Ivo Cordes etc. that I got aware of other methods and "real" realism. Anyhow... I still think the above track plan is solid enough, giving access to a shadow station, a BW, a goods- and shunting-yard. A small terminus mountain station.
Needless to say I would make a totally different design today.