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The Model Railroad
New project 2004 Alternatives
Some alternative designs and solutions...

Trying to optimize the flow of the main line, this alternative presents more new problems than solutions;

  • The main paradestrecke without block-signals.
  • The return-loop running around the station is invisible, and thus a little more realistic.
  • Much better possibilities for town-building. Including trams.
  • A spectacular, but difficult to construct bridge crossing the whole station.
  • The hidden figure 8 to the left of the station might be tricky when running 4 meters long trains. (big risque for derailments)
  • Even less tracks for storing waggons.
  • No ausziehegleis. The access to the industrial area must be used for this purpose.

Some more work on this design might solve most problems in the station-area, but thinking that the before-mentioned figure eight at the left will pose too much of a problem, I have abandoned this method.

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