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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 2

2) 240x105 cm C-track. (2003)
Another suggestion to a member of LCTM. This is an entry-level layout. The size and material available was pretty strictly defined. From the main level there is a descending access to a shadow-station with a return-loop. (Shadow-station not shown)
To break away from the strict geometry imposed by the available space, I've used large-radius C-tracks in the main station and in the main parade-strecke. Although simple and compact, the construction of this layout will not be exaclty entry-level; because of the varios climbs and descends, this layout can only be constructed with open frame-work.
While probably a little dificult to build for a beginner, this Märklinist is actually going to build this one! -And YES, he has been made aware of the steep grades this layout calls for, in the hidden areas. Oh, one last thing: This is an SBB layout.

Main level with access to shadow-station.
Upper level with return-loop.
Gesamtansicht. Visible tracks.

Custom made track plans