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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 3

3) 400x300cm K-track. (Layout will actually be 2-rail DC made with PECO-track, but hey! ;-) (2003)
Yet another suggestion to an LCTM-member. This layout reflects striclty the wishes of the owner.
Smallest radius used is 800mm (main line). The industrial sidings will be made with standard Märklin-track, and will be the only non-DC part of the layout.
I was later presented with some plans of the acutal layout-room, which clearly shows some totally different geometric posibilities than used in this design. Serves as a reminder for supplying absolutly ALL data available to the designer!!!
At least I hope that the design can serve as inspiration to this non-Märklinist...

All visible tracks.
Shaddow-station. (Helix down not shown)

Custom made track plans