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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 4

4) 450x250cm. C-track. (2003)
The young Märklinist here (Victor, Hockenheim) -although a beginner- has a lot of ambition for his layout. I have tried to keep the amount of material a little down, both for economic reasons, but also to keep the design simple enough to be feasible to actually build.
It shows a single tracked line, with a branching off side-line. Many details in the design are controlled by the nature of the available space. (Doors, windows). While not shown on the plan, these things do cause some specific solutions.
The result is a very interesting layout to operate and play with (well, I think so), while not being excessively difficult to construct for a first-timer, and not at all boring for a seasoned modeller.
Some dicipline is needed when running the trains, as grades and ramps are too steep and sharp, so only shorter trains here, please...
Although I personally love the plan, and have received some recognition for it, Victor alas has chosen a different "track", constructing his layout.

Visible tracks and mountain helix.
Hidden tracks. All rounds on helixes not shown.

Custom made track plans