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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 5

5) 500x500cm. C-track. (2003)
This is a biggie. A real pearl. Mighty proud of this one I am!
214m of track with 3 shadow-stations at 70,90 and 110cm height. The room has a roof inclination, and the shadow-stations are placed under the lowest part. Along the total length of the shadow-stations there is a corridor (45cm wide) to ease the access. That way this low section is used optimally, without disturbing the landscape part of the layout.
On the other side of the hidden corridor, are the ramps going up and down between the different levels. (There are 3 main levels of track/landscape; Station at 80cm, paradestrecke at 90 and branchline at 105cm)
The style of the layout is crushed oval/dogbone. -The same style I always use for my own private layouts.
Apart from the low part under the roof, the design also takes into account some accesspoints and a staircase. (Not marked on the plan).
The paradestrecke is drawn here using K-tracks, but I think Märklin is just about to introduce a flex-track in C! (If Roco can, then why shouldnt M...? ;-)
The generous owner of this layout is going to build it "to the letter"!
28/3-2004: Photos from the actual construction has been added to this page.

Generel overview of ALL tracks.
The lower level. (Use of 3-way switches is NOT my choice ;-)
Middle level. Paradestrecke.
Upper level. Branch-line/mountains.

Photos from the actual construction.
Beginning at the top, the branchline with shaddow-station are already finished and working. The construction of the two other shaddow-stations can also be seen.

The shaddow-stations
Trackwork for the hidden yards.
Construction of the hidden yards.
Hidden yards. Upper yard already working.
Construction of the hidden yards.
Branchline station already working.
Branchline station w. 3-way slip for testing purposes.

Custom made track plans