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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 6

6) 380x240cm. K-track (2003)
An entry level layout. For a first-time layout this guy has some pretty nice space available. First time around I drew this layout using the crushed dogbone principle, with the station done with soft curved flextrack, and slim switches in visible areas. Since then I've simplified the plan a lot, (in coorporation with the "client" Francisco); It now uses only two levels (plus the background level of the secondary line, not really counted), and the use of flextrack is held to a minimum. The use of standard swithes instead of the slim ones goes very well with the non-use of flextrack in the station area...
I know that Francisco will probably want more tracks in the station-area; and indeed it is easy to give the station a new "Track 1", -although I personally think layout looks better as a whole with this smaller station.

Lower level with shadow-station.
Suggestion for decoration.

Custom made track plans