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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 7

7) 436x239cm. C-track (2003)
The spanish Märklinist here is already an experienced modeller, and had some pretty clear ideas about how and what he wanted for his new basement layout. Apart for a very clearly defined room/space situation, the theme here is a realistic and professional looking layout; That means: slim switches whereever possible in the visible parts. Use of big curves in visible parts. (Absolutly NOTHING with R1 curves!) For me it has been important not to over-saturate the layout with too much track and detail. Although the tracks doesnt show it, the landscape here is thought of as pretty mountanous. Swiss-style. Anyway the space-hungry slim C-switches does theirs to make sure there is no possiblity for tight track-work...
The middle level with the oval I thought of as a mean of not having each and every train passing the main station.
The primary shadow-station is shown with only the most basic tracks. One should try to make it as big as possible, -depending on how much obstruction to access-holes can be tolerated.

Main station, BW and industrial track.
Middle level with segondary shadow-station.
Lower level with helix and primary shadow-station.

Custom made track plans