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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 9

9) 335x279 cm Hornby track. (2003)
Trying my hands on a classic british system. Unfortunatly it has not been possible to obtain a Hornby track library for the design-program, so I have used Märklin C-track instead, but the difference is enormous!
Although the system is run digital (Lenz) the modeller here is a newbie, so I didnt want to include return-loops, for which I would not be able to explain how to do electrically. (As this is a 2-rail DC system)
Although I am happy with this (rather traditional) layout, I feel that for the moment I must decline doing any more layouts for Hornby systems.
Anyway; about the plan:
It´s a folded figure "8", with one of the circles set up for continous run, without goign down to the main station. This upper circle-part of the "8" is the Paradestrecke, and it is also here the shaddow-station is located.
As this is a beginner level layout, track materiel has been kept down, but it should be fairly easy to add another shaddow-station.
To give some variacion, a secondary mountain-line has been added, with connections to a terminal station and an industry.

Upper level w. paradestrecke and shaddow station.
Station level.
Mountain level. 2 rounds helix.
3D view.

Custom made track plans