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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 10

10) 240x240cm. N-scale. Atlas+Peco code 80 (2003)
Trying my hands on N-scale.
Although this layout is for a beginner, the construction is not exactly easy.
This british modeller already has acquiered a lot of material, and has quite a lot of space available, so I have come up with this rather un-traditional idea:
The theme is a foldes figure "8", where both circles can be run as independent circles. The layout has a big harbour, a secondary mountain line and some industry and shunting area for diversion.
The special details are in the way the landscape is thought to be constructed:
A false wall must be constructed, to hide the shaddow-station(s). This allows for better access, rather than building in several levels. (N-scale doesnt allow for much space for a "helping hand" between levels ;-) On the right side of the false wall, a  50cm long mirror can be installed to give the illusion of a river bend.

Gesamtansicht without mountain line.
Secondary mountain-line (Helix 2 rounds up).

Custom made track plans