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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 11

11) 450x300cm. C-track (2004)
This is actually a non-solicited suggestion made to a fellow LCTM member.
A very basic and novice-suggestion was posted to the list, and using more or less the same material, I've come up with this.
I doubt the modeller in question is actually helped with my suggestion, as it is far away from what he has drawn. (Two independant circular tracks, with no shaddow-stations.)
I wanted to make this an entry-level layout, so the construction requirements has been kept down; for such an interesting layout the construction will be surprisingly simple. I dont even think open framework will be necessary.
Plan: A smaller station on a single tracked mainline, which is also the terminal station of a smaller secondary line.
The layout holds 3 return-loops, Two of them with shaddow-stations.
Although there is a limit of 25 switches, there has actually been room for shunting yard, workshop for locos and some industry. Apart from the main station, there is also a small mountain-station for the secondary line.
With a few more switches available, more tracks for shaddow-stations should be encluded. Also the mountain-station could have more track-work with maybe a local industry.

Main level with paradestrecke.
Middle level return-loop of main line.
Upper level return loop of secondary line.
3D view.

Custom made track plans