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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 12

12) 240x120cm. C-track (2004)
Yet another LCTM-member suggestion. This guy was inspired by the design number 8, but wanted only 2 levels. (This was the highest priority)
The second priority was to be able to run rather long trains, so the shaddow-station should be able to handle that.
Rather than using the terminus station theme used in design 8, I have here opted for a through-station. Being just a little bit wider than design 8, constructing the station at a 32(!) degree angle, one can fit in 3 through-tracks. This was not readily possible with a "normal" 30 degree. (This is done by combining a 24224 and a 24207!)
The inclination of the track connecting the two levels is 3,95% for a distance between levels of 10cm. To access the shaddow-station, large access-holes must be made in the bottom level plate, but with the overall limited heigth of the layout, access will be troublesome at best.
Making this design I have tried to use evenly left- and right-turning switches, but because of the very small space available, the balance in numbers could not be kept for the curved switches.
The shortest of the 5 through-staging tracks in the shaddow-station is 190cm. The longest 233cm. The 2 stub-tracks are 121cm and 96cm long.
The small rural through-station has three through-tracks of 135-1779cm. (depending if one wants to use or not some of the switches leading to other areas)
Minimum radius in visible areas is R2, except for 2 pieces of R1 and the curved switches (which are of course R1 also). Whereever possible R3 is used for transition-curves.
Total track length is 41 meters.


Lower level with shaddow-station and return-loop.

3D view.

Custom made track plans