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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 13
13) 370x240cm. K-track (2004)
This one for a dutch modeller. Space is quite resctricted due to a 45 degree roof-inclination over the upper "leg" of the U shaped layout. (The aisle in the middle is necessary to open and close a roof-window.
This layout is based on the traditional dog-bone (or crushed oval) style mainline, with a branching off side-line. There is really not enough room to make a secondary station for the branchline, so I have tried to fit in an extra shaddow-station instead. Curves 2210 are used for the branch line!
The main station is thought of as a smaller rural station, where also heavier mainline traffic passes by, often without stopping. Soft curves are used in visible parts of the main line. For the shaddow-station curves with radius 1 are used. The helix for the second shaddow-station uses curves 2251 and 2241.
The false wall placed under the inclined roof helps reduce the bad effect of the much too low height of the layout, but also causes some strange geometry in the hidden area.
The turntable used is the ROCO model 42615, which is quite adequate for a smaller station.
Due to the compact and advanced level of this layout, total track-lenght reaches almost 110 meters.


Shaddow-station 1 and ramp/helix down to second shaddow-station.

Second shaddow-station.

Custom made track plans