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The Model Railroad
Costum made. Design 14
14) 670x90cm. K-track (2004)
This is an unsolicited plan.
Ive always felt that this terminal station theme was not an optimal way of showing the impressive amount of rolling material this guy has.
This layout is located on a closed terrasse, and space is extremely akward and limited. For example the layout must not be wider than 60cm in the middle.
The theme is a small through-station, with a branching off secondary line. The double tracked paredestecke is for show only, as one can see on the plan of the intermediate level.
The intermediate level is extremely complex, and has been created with computer-control in mind. I think that without PC-control it will be impossible to simulate a realistic traffic. (and to stay clear of train-accidents in the hidden zones)
Main train length is set to 200cm, and for the main shaddow-station at the lower level, trains can be parked 2 and 2 to maximise track-use.
The main through-station has a small BW with the small ROCO turntable. A lokwartegleis, an ausziehegleis, a freiladegleis and 3 richtungsgleise for shifting of a few freight waggons. An industry-connection to the right of the layout sums up the activities allowing for "manual" play.
Heights of the levels are not shown, but creative use of ramps is necessarry to keep the grades as low as possible, so the complexity of the construction is rather high.
Minimum visible curves are radius 2, although radius 1 is used in hidden areas. An extensive use of flex-track again helps to raise the difficulty level of the layout, -but also the quality of the visible impression.


Intermediate level with "nerve-center" and ramp/helix down to man shaddow-station.

Main shaddow-station.

Custom made track plans