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The Model Railroad
Tips & Tricks 2

By stretching the Märklin C-track geometry a little, the nice R9 curve (acutally a contracurve for the slim switches) can be more useful!
This means -however- NOT arriving to exact angles in curves, as the necessary track-pieces does not (yet) exist in the C-track system.
The GOOD news is, that the missing angles are usually so small that they have no practical importance!!! (As mentioned for the transition-curves)
The basic trick lies in that 2 * 24912 equals roughly a 24224 (the curve of the normal switches)
Additional explications to the drawings can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Here is an explication for all the combinations shown.
The text shown beside every combination indicates the distance between center of tracks, and the "error" of the angle achieved, compared to the standard C-track geometry.
Free space between tracks is always 40mm less than the center distance of the tracks (because of the plastic ballast imitation)
A) The basic combination.
B) Can be useful for packing tracks close together.
C) Basic combination and mix of slim - and normal- switches.
D1 and D2) Same combination, except using a 24207 instead of a 24206. D1 is definatly the combination to use, but the other CAN be used also.
E1 and E2) Interesting mix of slim- and normal- switches.
77mm is the normal sectional track-distance for the C-track system. -But as the 90mm distance is userful for a lot of these combinations, the E1 version might be equally interessting!
F) Nice combination of slim curves and normal DKW.
This image is also important for showing how to reach the 90mm distance with a single slim switch!
G1 and G2) The "Hosenträger".
Okay, this is NOT really possible without surgery.
There are two alternatives;
G1 if you dont want to cut the plastic-ballast of the track-peices. The 24172 trackpieces are much too short, so this combination would probably only work if your are screwing the tracks firmly down!
G2 work within the 90mm track distance, but there is no way to combine existing track-pieces to form a 179mm length. -and anyway the plastic-ballast doesnt fit in this tight combination. Solution: Shorten a 24188 (or longer) piece down to size, and cut the plastic-ballast off where needed. (The 24640 crossing might need some trimming of the ballast also, but the switches themselves remain intact!). Alternative solution; Use a standard 2200 K-track, and ballast it with ballast imitation.
I think modifying two 24188's to achieve this beautiful hosenträger is not such a bad deal really... ;-)
H) A complete 90º curve. The idea is that the 24206 really doesnt seem to note, once the track is installed. You must take my word for that.
I) If you need a 30º angle. (Part of the sectional geometry)
J) A complete 90º turn with the standard 64mm track distance of the slim switches. Again; the small 24206 and the straight 24064 doesnt really note.
Although this curve has been drawn entirely by me, from memory, the idea has been presented before by Almagik on Märklin-users.net.

To be continued!